Saturday, July 2, 2016

4th of July Celebration and a bit more

This past week we had a birthday celebration at the school cafeteria.

Happy birday, Xakilah!

Last Thursday we had a visit to Museo Quijote, a museum dedicated to the history and art about the first modern novel, the most studied fictional work and the pride of Spanish letter.

We had a wonderful guide during our visit to this educational and entertaining space.

We learned about old printing processes.

We also went to a water park, Playa Park to chill and have our early celebration.

 Later that evening, we went to a terraza-jardín el "Jaleo", an outdoor restaurant-grill with a dance floor.

 Some felt so patriotic that they had to have an all American hamburger.

Our students proudly sang the Star Spangled Banner.

... and danced as well.

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