Saturday, July 9, 2016

Trip to Madrid

Waiting to get on the train. 

We arrived safely to the Atocha train Station

Once in the city we took a walk on Paseo Del Prado.

Some were really thrill to be in Madrid!

It wasn't too hard to make new friends in the city.

Our star guide took us around the Literary Quarter where Cervantes,
Lope de Vega and many other writers made their home

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

The inside pation of Lope de Vegas' house.

 It is hard to see in this picture, but the flags of the US and of Spain were flying at the beautiful Edificio de Correos, National Postal Services building.

They had the US and Spanish flags out to acknowledge the city's guest of honor; president Obama, who came to have some tapas. Sadly, he missed out on meeting our group.   
 Students took noticed that officials express their ideas and commitment to humanitarian actions on public buildings. 
 Students were tired after all that art at Museo Del Parado, but they were willing to share a smile.

 After a long day visiting museums and walking around in the city we made a final stop to take pictures in front of the only vertical garden at Caxia Forum.

Spanish moms always send students ready for anything with a bocadillo.

 One last final view of Paseo Del Prado.

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  1. Beautiful photographs from Madrid. Looking for your next blog for more pictures and want to know how you enjoyed in Madrid. I will visit soon from Nice to Madrid